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So, Who Am I, Anyway?!

Hi! I’m Sara Yagoub.

Back in my previous biz-lady incarnation, I was able to achieve a pretty impressive amount of success working a corporate J.O.B. in the male-dominated oil and gas industry and making millions for “the man” (literally). But the cost of reaching the top rungs of that corporate ladder by age 30 weren’t so pretty.

I was burned out on all fronts: my health was deteriorating daily, I was missing all of my young child’s big firsts (first step, first word, first day of pre-school), and my marriage...on the verge of tanking. Things were falling apart—FAST. I realized that all of the accolades of my job weren’t enough to make up for being utterly miserable in every other aspect of my life.


So…I took a leap of faith and began my journey as an entrepreneur, using my years of corporate experience to build my business. I was obsessed with learning the most effective (and fastest) skills and strategies I could find to build a business that was worth making that scary leap. And it definitely paid off! I built my business to the $1 million mark within 12 months and hit the multi-million-dollar income level in only 18 months!

Now, I run three companies, I have a book in the works, and I speak to and train entrepreneurs, empowering them and giving them the tools to make their own Million Dollar Money Moves.

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