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Farewell 2020 Season 1, Hello 2020 Season 2

 DISCLAIMER: Warning, this article may trigger you. Read at your own risk. If this post triggers you in any way or doesn’t resonate with you, Stop Reading.

“You gotta be kidding me, Sara, are you really saying we’re in for another round?”


Hold on, hear me out for a minute, if you know me by now, you know I’m not the doom and gloom kinda girl.


But I’d be kidding myself (and you) if I came on here with some ‘New Year, New You’ rhetoric (not that I’ve ever been a fan of that type of mentality).


Let’s be totally honest with ourselves, do you really believe that with everything that was ‘rustled up’ in 2020, that we can just go into 2021 with a blank canvas, a fresh start, a new beginning?!


If that were true, then all of the s**t we went through in 2020 would all be for naught.


No, my friends, I can't sugarcoat this for you. 2020 was our initiation. We were shaken up and...

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Guard Your Energy

Our nation is currently undergoing what I’d like to call an expansion period. Many old paradigms are in the process of crumbling. Certain ways we’ve done things for centuries are proving to be outdated and no longer relevant. As we turn to leaders or even media for guidance, support, or simply information, we’re seeing that there are many conflicting reports, and we also see that the powers that be don’t seem to be all that interested in our overall well-being. 

All of this is showing us that perhaps the time for looking outside of ourselves for answers has ended or at least is coming to an end.

Some of us can clearly see this. However, there are those out there who are 100% sold on what the authorities are telling them. They blindly follow the mandates being placed upon them, without question. They are engrossed in the mainstream narrative and have no interest in conducting their own research or using discernment to evaluate the validity of the data...

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The Power of Silence

This past weekend I participated in a silent retreat. A facilitator organized the event, it was in a secluded ranch house in the Texas Hill Country. I had my own section of the home and the facilitator organized my meals and activities with me prior to the retreat. I had an itinerary for the entire time, so there was literally no communication necessary once the 48-hr time period began. 


The commitment I made going into this retreat was to be technology-free, so no phone, laptop, iPad, and even no reading on a kindle. No radios or speakers to listen to music. No talking or communicating with the other participants or visitors to the home (yoga/breathwork instructors, chefs, facilitator, etc.). 


Now you may think that the tech-free part is the hardest part of this endeavor, I know I thought that the first time I considered doing a silent event. However, that is so far from the truth.


The most difficult part of this type of deprivation experience is...

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How to tap into your intuition

intuition spirituality Nov 04, 2020

People think becoming an entrepreneur is only about business, strategy, dollars, and cents. But one thing every entrepreneur knows is that business ownership has a funny way of forcing you into personal development. As an entrepreneur, you quickly learn where you have mindset hangups and what areas of your development need tending to. Your business is very much a reflection of how your life is doing overall.

For this reason, I came into business thinking I needed to do what I did in the corporate world: conduct market research, create a solid business strategy, put some forecasts together and establish revenue goals and start hustling.

Well, all of this is great for your foundational steps in biz, however, if you leave your biz to these things alone, then you miss out on some of the magic that is available to you on this journey.

I learned this early on because I got so caught up in the rational and logical side of the business, which did help me bring in some clients and work, but...

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How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

business mindset growth Oct 23, 2020

Giving zero f**ks is the latest trend I hear people throwin’ around lately. Yea sure, this sounds cool and all, but it also feels like this is easier said than done, right?!

I mean, anyone can say “I don't give a bleep what so-and-so thinks about me” when in reality, it truly cuts pretty deep. 

Btw, let me add an important insert here, being hurt because of the actions or remarks from others is okay and normal. You’re human after all. You're allowed to have feelings and in fact, suppressing your true emotions does more harm than good. So feel the feels.

With that said, having been the type of person who was easily insulted and ruminated on those emotions for days, and now stepping into this new version of myself where the words and actions of others don’t affect my temperament or how I feel about myself...I can honestly say, the latter feels way better and is far more empowering!

That’s the reason I decided to share this article with you so...

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WTF is Grounding?!

grounding spirituality Oct 22, 2020

If you know me or follow me on the Gram, you've probably heard me mention grounding or noticed that in many stories of my morning rituals I’m outside barefoot soaking in my surroundings. No, I’m not a hippie, but I guess you could say I have some hippie tendencies.


The practice of walking barefoot (or sitting or laying down) directly on Mother Earth is referred to as Grounding or Earthing. Yes, tree-hugging does count, but I’ll leave that for my more woo brothers and sisters. 


I absolutely love this practice and can’t recommend it enough. It's super simple: All you have to do is walk, lay or sit directly on the earth (some research claims concrete works as well, but I haven’t personally tried that).


Listen, I know this sounds wonky if you're not really down with the whole nature thing, but I promise you, this seriously works and this is coming from a city girl!! Don’t just take my word for it, this particular...

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Gary Vee Ditches Hustling

business mindset growth Oct 15, 2020

No this isn’t clickbait, you read that correctly. I was recently invited to a virtual event hosted by Kelly Roach where she had Gary Vee on to answer our questions (Gar Vee is a serial entrepreneur, investor and social selling expert). Such an inspiring event, but one of my favorite parts was when a health and wellness coach asked Gary if he still stands by his mantra of know, that mentality of non-stop working hard, hustlin’ & grindin’.

If you’ve heard me speak or read any of my material, you’ll know that I, along with most wellness enthusiasts, are sooooo over the hustle & grind culture. However, this mentality is still incredibly prevalent in the business coaching environment, with more and more instructors subscribing to the #nosleep strategies and ideologies.


Well I was shocked when Gary Vee said point black that he ain’t about that #nosleep life and that in fact, he values sleep and gets around 7 hrs of sleep...

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The 4th Quarter Assessment Every Entrepreneur Should Take + Surprising Tips from 7, 8 & 9-Figure Entrepreneurs

business business tools Oct 09, 2020

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve had the privilege of being invited to a few different events for 7,8 & 9 figure entrepreneurs. As with any event, I always go into these things with an open mind and no real expectations, bc I shit you not, sometimes my biggest, life transformational takeaways aren't even biz related.

These recent events did not fail. I picked up so many gems, some I’ve shared with you if you’re a member of my VIP, and I will continue in the upcoming weeks. But in this blog, I wanted to bring you the surprising revelation that came up multiple times in all of the convos I had with these biz owners.

With the big revenue marks these leaders are pulling in, you’d think there’d be lots of discussion about revenue-generating activities, marketing, sales conversion, increasing the bottom line etc. While all of this is definitely important in business, refreshingly enough, these biz owners were talking about the more fundamental and in my opinion,...

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Why You Need to Drop Your Fixed Mindset Today

mindset growth Sep 30, 2020

Let me fill you in on a little secret, most of us high-achieving women are overworked and undervalued! Not exactly a secret, you say? Okay, maybe not, but I bet you the underlying reason for this is.


As high-achieving women (many of us entrepreneurs and biz leaders), we can get hooked into the 'hustle & grind' know, the one our patriarchal society has programmed into our very way of thinking, you know what I mean right? The work, work, work and never stop until you’re retired, at which point you’re physically, mentally and spiritually burnt out and don’t even know how to reconnect with the real you.

I know that’s not what you want for yourself, and I don’t want it for you either. So I say we stand up and say: “We ain’t having it!!”

There is another way sister and it’s time for us to up-level that mentality and tap into what we’ve always known to be true deep down inside.


It's time for...

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3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Be The Smartest Person in the Room!

business mindset growth Sep 23, 2020
"I'm so tired of being the smartest person in the room!"
Two yrs ago, I remember walking out of an event, calling my husband and saying this very statement. No, I wasn't saying this bc I'm some egotistical jerk. I was saying this as a woman who was tired of going into a room, giving everything I had, only to leave the room feeling depleted and with nothing to show for it. I was over watering myself down to accommodate others.
So in the spirit of sharing life lessons, I thought I’d share with you 3 reasons why you should never be the smartest (or highest earning) woman in the room. 

Reason #1: It hinders your growth.

Hanging out in a room where nobody was doing anything greater than what I was doing was stifling my growth and progression.
I felt stuck and had lost my vision for expansion, because I didn’t see anything better around me. And this wasn't because of some major fundamental flaw within me, this feeling was bc I had outgrown my...
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