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Guard Your Energy

Our nation is currently undergoing what I’d like to call an expansion period. Many old paradigms are in the process of crumbling. Certain ways we’ve done things for centuries are proving to be outdated and no longer relevant. As we turn to leaders or even media for guidance, support, or simply information, we’re seeing that there are many conflicting reports, and we also see that the powers that be don’t seem to be all that interested in our overall well-being. 

All of this is showing us that perhaps the time for looking outside of ourselves for answers has ended or at least is coming to an end.

Some of us can clearly see this. However, there are those out there who are 100% sold on what the authorities are telling them. They blindly follow the mandates being placed upon them, without question. They are engrossed in the mainstream narrative and have no interest in conducting their own research or using discernment to evaluate the validity of the data...

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4 Energy Managing Exercises You Can Start Now to Expand Your Consciousness.

Hooray, you made it! It’s time to celebrate yourself!!
Because you’ve been kicking a** in 2020!
"Sara, wtf you smokin' over there?!!"
I promise, I'm currently sober (no promises on how long that'll last) But I truly believe that each and every one of us should take a moment to recognize our major accomplishment of thriving during all this craziness. Even if you feel like you haven’t, you have! You’re still here, you're standing, they haven't had you committed to a mental asylum, you're good!
2020 has thrown so much at us, relentlessly, with not even the slightest hint of a warning. We've been isolated to our homes, still working full-time (or at least attempting to) while the kids are running wild. We’ve seen a huge advance in the human rights movements, govt. corruption, media censorship, child trafficking and so much more. I joke with my friends that we're living out 'The Hunger Games' or 'Survivor' IRL ('in...
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