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WTF is Grounding?!

grounding spirituality Oct 22, 2020

If you know me or follow me on the Gram, you've probably heard me mention grounding or noticed that in many stories of my morning rituals I’m outside barefoot soaking in my surroundings. No, I’m not a hippie, but I guess you could say I have some hippie tendencies.


The practice of walking barefoot (or sitting or laying down) directly on Mother Earth is referred to as Grounding or Earthing. Yes, tree-hugging does count, but I’ll leave that for my more woo brothers and sisters. 


I absolutely love this practice and can’t recommend it enough. It's super simple: All you have to do is walk, lay or sit directly on the earth (some research claims concrete works as well, but I haven’t personally tried that).


Listen, I know this sounds wonky if you're not really down with the whole nature thing, but I promise you, this seriously works and this is coming from a city girl!! Don’t just take my word for it, this particular...

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