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How to tap into your intuition

intuition spirituality Nov 04, 2020

People think becoming an entrepreneur is only about business, strategy, dollars, and cents. But one thing every entrepreneur knows is that business ownership has a funny way of forcing you into personal development. As an entrepreneur, you quickly learn where you have mindset hangups and what areas of your development need tending to. Your business is very much a reflection of how your life is doing overall.

For this reason, I came into business thinking I needed to do what I did in the corporate world: conduct market research, create a solid business strategy, put some forecasts together and establish revenue goals and start hustling.

Well, all of this is great for your foundational steps in biz, however, if you leave your biz to these things alone, then you miss out on some of the magic that is available to you on this journey.

I learned this early on because I got so caught up in the rational and logical side of the business, which did help me bring in some clients and work, but...

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