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The Power of Silence

This past weekend I participated in a silent retreat. A facilitator organized the event, it was in a secluded ranch house in the Texas Hill Country. I had my own section of the home and the facilitator organized my meals and activities with me prior to the retreat. I had an itinerary for the entire time, so there was literally no communication necessary once the 48-hr time period began. 


The commitment I made going into this retreat was to be technology-free, so no phone, laptop, iPad, and even no reading on a kindle. No radios or speakers to listen to music. No talking or communicating with the other participants or visitors to the home (yoga/breathwork instructors, chefs, facilitator, etc.). 


Now you may think that the tech-free part is the hardest part of this endeavor, I know I thought that the first time I considered doing a silent event. However, that is so far from the truth.


The most difficult part of this type of deprivation experience is...

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