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As women, we can be ambitious and make big moves in life without sacrificing the things that are most important to us. This isn’t impossible. However, it does take some know, ditching some of the societal conditioning that taught us that we can only have one or the other. It's time we replaced that outdated belief with a new story: that we can be high-achieving leaders while still maintaining our inner peace and sanity. I know you're ready for this mindset shift, right?!

That's why I created this Guide to Inner Peace just for you.

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➡ Managing Emotions Video & Exercises 

➡ Abundance Mindset Exercise

➡ Meditations to improve harmony & balance

➡ Hacks to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and business

➡ Affirmations to increase positivity & reconnect with your higher self

➡ Letter From Yours Truly


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Hi, I'm Sara Yagoub

AKA The Intentional Entrepreneur, I hustled my way to multiple 7-figure business ‘success’ only to be left spiritually bankrupt. I put my wellness on the back burner where it manifested into illness.

It wasn't until I learned to trust my intuition and internal guidance that I was able to achieve true happiness and unshakeable inner peace. I now wear the hat of mother, author, mentor, CEO of 3 businesses, founder of The Referral Circle and am launching the Renegade Radio podcast: all without sacrificing the most important factors of life.

Ambitious, high-achieving women on the brink of burnout turn to me when they want to rediscover themselves, tap into their innate Divine Feminine power, slam the door shut on societal expectations and create lives and businesses they love.


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